[updated on September 15, 2023]
film reviews [September 14, 2023]
Babak Jalali (2023, US)

[September 3, 2022]
Charlotte Regan (2023, UK)

Sarajevo Film Festival [August 15, 2023]
Interview with Kateryna Gornostai
‘Deciphering Death: An Interview with Kateryna Gornostai’
[feature film director, Ukraine]

Cannes Film Festival [May 17, 2023]
Interview with Nicolas Peduzzi
‘Nicolas Peduzzi on his stirring and haunting hospital doc’
[documentary director, France]

CPH:DOX [March 30, 2023]
Interview with Emily Norling
‘Emily Norling, the madness of love and how to capture it’
[documentary/feature film director, Sweden]

[March 27, 2023]
Interview with Ben Mullinkosson
‘Ben Mullinkosson witnesses China’s underground club culture’
[documentary director, U.S.]

cinema/digital release [May 4, 2023]
Interview with Mira Erdevički
‘Mira Erdevički on her heartening, hands-on portrait of Roma in UK’ [documentary director, Serbia/Yugoslavia]

International Film Festival Rotterdam [February 9, 2023]
Interview with Martin Skovbjerg
‘Martin Skovbjerg on his unnerving ‘Copenhagen does not exist’’
[feature film director, Denmark]

[February 6, 2023]
Interview with Guido van der Werve
‘Guido van der Werve is running on life’
[feature film director/visual artist, the Netherlands]

[February 3, 2023]
Interview with Emmanuelle Nicot
‘Emmanuelle Nicot on her arresting ‘Dalva’’
[feature film director, France]

Leiden International Film Festival [November 28, 2022]
Interview with Nick Hortensius
‘Nick Hortensius explains why Leiden International Film Festival makes the cut!’
[film programmer, the Netherlands]

[November 21, 2022]
Interview with Dornaz Hajiha
‘Dornaz Hajiha on her piercing family drama’ 
[feature film director, Iran]

cinema/digital release [September 23, 2022]
Interview with Aga Woszczynska
Aga Woszczynska on her confrontational political drama “Silent Land”’ 
[feature film director, Poland]

[July 4, 2022]
Interview with Larry Achiampong
‘Larry Achiampong’s intimate take on the post-colonial UK’
[artist, UK]

[June 19, 2022]
Interview with  Jacqueline Lentzou
‘Jacqueline Lentzou on her debut film “Moon, 66 questions”’ 
[feature film director, Greece]
film reviews [September 12, 2022]
Identification Of A Woman
Michelangelo Antonioni (1982, Italy)

[February 20, 2022]
Christos Massalas (2022, Greece)

[February 15, 2022]
The Worst Person in the World
Joachim Trier (2021, Norway)

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