Project title:
In the quest for the meaning [of a rock]
Texts (lexicon, report) // Diagrams // HTML, CSS Coding // Video Report
Design Academy Eindhoven, 2020

The project “In the quest for the meaning [of a rock]” is an exploration of the ways of searching for the meaning of things, in particular on the realm of the internet. It is mostly built upon a report that explains the different decisions made while searching online for an answer to the symbolic question, “What is a rock?”. The report is being updated by an opposing reflection to the meaning of the findings themselves.

Above and beyond, the project deals with the act of collecting, reusing, and re-publishing ideas. The platform, where collective knowledge fosters, was used as the web source of this research. In the last part of the process, the material that was collected was uploaded to the web. The gesture of re-publishing aims to contribute to the layers of interpretation and appropriation of “what a rock means” as shared online. For this reason, the initial material was filtered by the subjectivity of the investigator and thus altered. This modification is displayed on a website and two generators of the random definition of a rock, in the form of text and images. Everything was built on coding, as a performance that exemplifies and criticizes the act of the production of meaning. This additional gesture intends to highlight the absurdity of the narrowed perception of the essence of things through words and images.

Full website here.
Text collection here.

Video report