︎shows in public

Collective Exhibition
January 2024 (Bengaluru, India)/November 2023 (online)
The Wrong Biennale 23/24

Despise Design
Collective exhibition, April 2023
BASE, MDW23, Milan, Italy

Designers From the Flatland
Group exhibition, April 2023
together with Bianca Schick (SCYLLA)
Dopo Scape, MDW23, Milan, Italy

Despise Design, all bless the fair!
Collective exhibition, October 2022
together with Bianca Schick and Ned Kaar
Onomatopee, DDW22, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

The White Shirt Case
Performative exhibition, September 2022
together with Bianca Schick (SCYLLA)
The Heuvel Gallery, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Survival Art Review 20
Collective exhibition, June 2022
Wroclaw, Poland

The Foot Studio
Independent collective exhibition, October 2021
together with Bianca Schick

Truth or Dare
Online collective exhibition, 2020
The Critical Inquiry Lab

Everything is a Rock
Online collective exhibition, 2020
The Critical Inquiry Lab

User as citizen
Collective lecture
The Critical Inquiry Lab, 2019

︎discussions in public / radio shows

Je verrai toujours vos visagesModeration of Panel Discussion
with Annemieke Wolthuis (Restorative Justice NL), Viktória Kaslik (consultant, researcher. HU), Laura Quatro (film programmer, Movies That Matter, NL)
Curation together with Juliette Mirabito
Slachtstraat theater, Utrecht (NL), November 2023

Interview with Participants
Elevator Radio, Intergeneration Graduation Show DAE
Milan Design Week, June 2022

Is Post-Truth All That’s Left?
Panel Discussion
Arena DAE, Eindhoven (NL), October 2021

Financial debts and family stories
together with Juliette Mirabito
Elevator Radio, DDW 2021

You are wired
together with Viktória Kaslik
Rararadio.org, March 2021

The best way to understand a revolution is to dance with it
together with Valeria Fabiano
Rararadio.org, December 2020

Uncut Blue
together with Litty Salas and Yeseul Kim
Rararadio.org, November 2020