Project title:
Passport Ceremonies
Performative series of events
Texts (scripts, manifesto) // Performances // Graphics
The Foot Studio, DDW 2021 (ongoing)
Collaborative project with Bianca Schick

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The PC is the governed body and the erratic identity. The PC is the amplified version of the perpetual human number. The PC is the performance of some conformism and the system. But, PC prioritizes strangers over friends to duly dispense justice. Thus, beware of paroxysm.

Side note: The Passport Ceremonies is a performance of bureaucracy and labor in 4 extra-ordinary acts. Costumes, props, texts, cocktails, and scent request your presence.


“You”; you freelance to a brand, subject to a contract. You get by with a name and a body.

You must respond as introduced, must be one in a system, a nice ordering system, exist none outside, each in a role, like the famous traveling players, you know, charming and charmed, both the foreground and the background, stand here please, we need your picture, the face won’t focus, and excuses line up in formation, failing to stand, but also to disturb, the same, our movement and migration, the stream of change or just entropy you know, always in a new body or style to adopt, anyway dated habits, forcing some kind of production, of integrity and status, like an obsession with principals and class, the ones we make to have and to hold, and to respond to a fixer, before the question is entirely lost, “Who are you”

Documentation: Alex Foradori
Voice over: James Grünfeld

PC Performance 1

The care of a stranger must be in the hands of an official. Everyone is welcome, under conditions. The conditions are predefined and signed by both parties. After the agreement, they are friends. They can be permitted in the same space. This is a moment of celebration. They may stop dancing when the time comes, exhausted.

Routine service: a body of cabinet and a body of desk admit visitors.

PC Performance 2

When someone comes in, oughts to be introduced. If nobody knows him, then the man is a stranger. The stranger must receive gifts, gold and food. Someone then ought to be inspecting the stranger, all eyes and ears, until the unnamed intentions are well known.

Routine service: a body of CONSUME tray and a body of TRASH tray offer drinks to visitors

PC Performance 3 

In a room full of non-strangers, someone ought to provide order. Someone is selected to be the superior in all. All the rest ought to rectify and fix the selected one up. An official is leading the case.

Routine service: a body of limbo administratives hand out documents to visitors.

PC Performance 4

None in a whole is a stranger, thus each of a whole should present a strong sense of civic identity and unity. When A belongs to the whole of B and to C and is affirmed of nothing else, and B also belongs to all C, it is necessary that A and B should be convertible: for since A is said of B and C only, and B is affirmed both of itself and of C, it is clear that B will be said of everything of which A is said, except A itself.

Routine service: everyone is entitled to sign and swallow a piece of certified cake.